Find ancestors in online census records for USA and Canada  Find ancestors in online census records for USA and Canada
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Find ancestors in online census records for USA and Canada  United States Census Blank Forms
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Ontario 1911 Census Indexing Project

Peterborough County

Peterborough County consists of the following areas for the 1911 census. Surname indexes are online for the linked locations. If a location is not linked, there is no census surname index for it. Please consider volunteering to help index the 1911 Ontario Census!

1911 Census Indexing Project

The 1911 census became available to the public in July 2005. is working on an every Surname indexing project. If you'd like to help with the 1911 census indexing project contact Laura or Lorine at (replace AT with the @ sign) to ask what census counties are being indexed.

To volunteer: Give us the name of the County, Township, plus District & Subdistrict numbers you want to index. Type surnames in Notepad or any text editor. Don't use a spreadsheet such as Excel. Notepad is best. Type the names Page by Page , in the order they appear on each census Page . Save the index as a TEXT file (census.txt) send it to me by email.
District 112 Peterborough East District 113 Peterborough West
  • Subdistrict 1 Asphodel Township, Westwood Village
  • Subdistrict 2 Asphodel
  • Subdistrict 3 Asphodel
  • Subdistrict 4 Asphodel
  • Subdistrict 5 Belmont and Methuen Townships
  • Subdistrict 6 Belmont and Methuen Townships
  • Subdistrict 7 Belmont and Methuen Townships
  • Subdistrict 8 Belmont and Methuen Townships
  • Subdistrict 9 Belmont and Methuen Townships, Cordova Village
  • Subdistrict 10 Burleigh and Anstruther Townships, Apsley Village
  • Subdistrict 11 Burleigh and Anstruther Townships
  • Subdistrict 12 Chandos
  • Subdistrict 13 Chandos
  • Subdistrict 14 Chandos
  • Subdistrict 15 Douro
  • Subdistrict 16 Douro
  • Subdistrict 17 Douro
  • Subdistrict 18 Douro
  • Subdistrict 19 Dummer Township, Warsaw Village
  • Subdistrict 20 Dummer
  • Subdistrict 21 Dummer
  • Subdistrict 22 Dummer
  • Subdistrict 23 Otanabee Township, Keene Village
  • Subdistrict 24 Otanabee
  • Subdistrict 25 Otanabee
  • Subdistrict 26 Otanabee
  • Subdistrict 27 Otanabee Township, Long Village
  • Subdistrict 28 Otanabee
  • Subdistrict 29 Otanabee
  • Subdistrict 30 Otanabee
  • Subdistrict 31 Havelock
  • Subdistrict 32 Havelock
  • Subdistrict 33 Lakefield
  • Subdistrict 34 Lakefield
  • Subdistrict 35 Norwood
  • Subdistrict 36 Norwood
  • Subdistrict 1 Ennismore
  • Subdistrict 2 Ennismore
  • Subdistrict 3 Cavendish, Galway - Cavendish and Galway Townships, Kinmount Village
  • Subdistrict 4 Galway
  • Subdistrict 5 Harvey - Halls Bridge Village
  • Subdistrict 6 Harvey
  • Subdistrict 7 Harvey
  • Subdistrict 8 North Monaghan
  • Subdistrict 9 North Monaghan - Springville Village
  • Subdistrict 10 Monaghan South
  • Subdistrict 11 Monaghan South - Bailieboro Village
  • Subdistrict 12 Smith
  • Subdistrict 13 Smith
  • Subdistrict 14 Smith
  • Subdistrict 15 Smith - Bridgenorth Village
  • Subdistrict 16 Selwyn - Smith Township
  • Subdistrict 17 Peterborough - South Ward
  • Subdistrict 18 Peterborough - South Ward
  • Subdistrict 19 Peterborough - South Ward
  • Subdistrict 20 Peterborough - South Ward
  • Subdistrict 21 Peterborough
  • Subdistrict 22 Peterborough
  • Subdistrict 23 Peterborough - West Ward, Centre Ward
  • Subdistrict 24 Peterborough - West and Centre Wards
  • Subdistrict 25 Peterborough
  • Subdistrict 26 Peterborough
  • Subdistrict 27 Peterborough
  • Subdistrict 28 Peterborough - North Ward
  • Subdistrict 29 Peterborough - Part of East Ward
  • Subdistrict 30 Peterborough - Completion of Peterborough
  • Subdistrict 31 Smith - Chemong Indian Reserve
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